Meet Fadi

Fadi Nemr is a long-time resident and business owner in Ottawa-Vanier. After graduating with a Master of Science in Chemistry, Fadi immigrated to Canada from Lebanon and opened his business 3 years later. Over the past 25 years, he and his wife Jouhaina have raised their daughter while running the business in the community they call home. Fadi is an active member of his community and an advocate for democracy, clean government, and small business. Two years ago, Fadi raised private funds to sponsor refugees and worked tirelessly to integrate them into Canadian society with jobs and education. Fadi’s openness, tolerance, and hard work are what have made his experience in this community so great.

Why I’m running

Ottawa-Vanier is a place filled with potential, a place where the people have shown strength in coming together. However, the community has gone far too long without a voice. There has been no consultations with business owners, residents, and community stakeholders. The Liberal government has run deficit after deficit, spending more and getting less. Ontario’s energy portfolio has become the most expensive in this country. I’m running for the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party because we can do better. But, TOGETHER, is the only way WE will.